New Cashout Malware Dubbed Alice

Last week Trend Micro wrote about a new ATM Malware Variant Alice. This discovery was unique, as this malware was found to have very specific goals, and very little interaction. This malware had been designed to allow a thief to view the bill count and denomination in the ATM, and specifically target those bills until the … Continue reading New Cashout Malware Dubbed Alice

The Importance Of Employee Awareness Training

I read an interesting article on Dark Reading The Human Firewall: Why People are Critical To Email Security and thought it struck a common theme I see with many clients. There is constant stress on the “NextGen” controls that can be put in place to serve as an Organization’s silver bullet, yet employee awareness training is often … Continue reading The Importance Of Employee Awareness Training

Podcasts Are My Go To Source For Information

I have come to rely on podcasts for all sorts of news and entertainment, including in the ever evolving world of computer security. Some of these shows are quick new recaps to help me keep up with the bigger headlines while keeping my inbox as light as possible. Others are deep dive shows where you … Continue reading Podcasts Are My Go To Source For Information

Welcome to my blog!

I am starting this blog for a few reasons. The first of which is to have a venue to work on my own writing skills. The second is to share the knowledge I have gleaned to date, as well as sharing additional information as I come across it. I work as a computer security consultant … Continue reading Welcome to my blog!