Sean Runs Boston

"2018 Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge – you’re on the team!" That is the subject line I have been waiting to see hit my inbox for two years. Not only do I get a chance to run this historic race, but I get to do so while giving back to an excellent cause. The Cause The Dana-Farber … Continue reading Sean Runs Boston

My CISSP Success Story

This piece was originally published with the Advanced Persistent Security Blog here My CISSP Success Story LAYING THE FOUNDATION I have worked very hard for every academic success I have achieved. For some people, excelling at school work and acing exams came easy to them, sometimes with little to no preparation on their part. But, … Continue reading My CISSP Success Story

Book Review: The Book of Five Rings

One thing I have noticed about great leaders, regardless of their industry or occupation, is that they are voracious readers. I am not great, but I am constantly working to get better. I started to get into audio-books for my long drives and runs, but I had a hard time keeping track of notable quotes … Continue reading Book Review: The Book of Five Rings

Vendor Management in the Spotlight

What’s with the scrutiny? Anyone that has undergone any sort of audit knows that your Vendor Management process is going to come up. Why do these pesky auditors keep asking these questions? What does it matter what sort of monitoring we perform? Why do we need a formal process to review contracts for specific clauses? … Continue reading Vendor Management in the Spotlight