Weekly Recap #6 – “Living off the Land”

I was recently reading the Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) from Symantec put out July 2017 "Living off the land and fileless attack techniques" and wanted to call attention to this document, as many of the TTPs discussed seem to be just as relevant today. One of the TTPs that jumps out is what Symatec … Continue reading Weekly Recap #6 – “Living off the Land”

New Cashout Malware Dubbed Alice

Last week Trend Micro wrote about a new ATM Malware Variant Alice. This discovery was unique, as this malware was found to have very specific goals, and very little interaction. This malware had been designed to allow a thief to view the bill count and denomination in the ATM, and specifically target those bills until the … Continue reading New Cashout Malware Dubbed Alice