Podcasts Are My Go To Source For Information

I have come to rely on podcasts for all sorts of news and entertainment, including in the ever evolving world of computer security. Some of these shows are quick new recaps to help me keep up with the bigger headlines while keeping my inbox as light as possible. Others are deep dive shows where you will want to sit down and really pay attention.

Working in a consultative role means a lot of time traveling, including a lot of time in the car. I have found these programs to be great, causing me to yell at my phone to “remind me of XYZ tonight” as my research list grows. These shows are all able to have such great content because of the various specialities of each host. This industry is so expansive that even the “news” shows may not be talking about the same headlines. I strongly suggest anyone interested in thie field give any of these shows a listen.

Please let me know if there are any shows you feel I should add to my pod-catcher in the comments below.

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