Book Review: Extracted

Extracted (Extracted Trilogy, #1)

Extracted (Extracted Trilogy #1) by R.R. Haywood

This was a nice break from my typical non-fiction reading – and one I think I picked up as part of the Amazon First Reads program. The book was science-fiction, but things seemed pretty realistic, once you accept the ability of time travel. The fight scenes were the second thing you’d have to accept as “normal” in this world – I thought of them like Jason Bourne style fights where one person taking on several elite special forces operators is not only acceptable, but expected. There was plenty of action throughout this book, and seeing as this is a series, the stage was well set for the remaining books.

I gave this book 4 stars as it was exciting, while also a really easy read to cruise through. I will be giving the second book in the series a shot. OK, now back to the non-fiction!

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