Book Review: The Terminal List

The Terminal List (James Reece, #1)
The Terminal List

The Terminal List (James Reece #1) by Jack Carr

I first heard about this book on JRE #1467. This fits in well with many of the fiction thriller books I read. This has the benefit of having a “familiar” feel so the stories can be relaxing. The story-line was action-packed from start to finish. The James Reece character brings the level of skill you like to imagine for the hero of any good action story. Carr also does a nice job of weaving in (fairly recent) current events to give the story a more realistic feel. This was a five star, must read for me and I plan to continue the series.

I swear I have gotten back to reading non-fiction – the “Currently Reading” books are just taking longer than these thrillers (thanks to 1.5x speed audiobooks).

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