Sean Runs Boston

“2018 Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge – you’re on the team!”

That is the subject line I have been waiting to see hit my inbox for two years. Not only do I get a chance to run this historic race, but I get to do so while giving back to an excellent cause.

The Cause

The Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge supports the Claudia Adams Barr Program in Innovative Basic Cancer Research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

This charity holds a special place in my heart, and I couldn’t be more excited to be given the chance to fund such a great team. I have been a consistent platelet donor at the Kraft Family Blood Center, which supports both Dana-Farber and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. While this is a very important facet of supporting the hostpital and their patients, I am very excited to support the greater mission, and hopefully push towards preventing cancer in the future. My last charity run with the Dana-Farber team was the 2017 B.A.A. 5K, and with the incredible generosity of my friends and family I was able to raise $1,400, and our team was able to raise a record breaking $80,825.01!!

I know everyone will be getting bombarded with donation requests, but I truly do appreciate any amount you can give. The money donated through this race goes directly to research that may one day find a cure to cancer.

The Fundraising

TL;DR: the link to my personal fundraising page is here.

Super Bowl Squares

Turkey Day Squares were such a success in fundraising, I am setting up some squares for the Super Bowl. Squares will be $20 again, and prizes will be as follows:

Quarter Score Winner
First Quarter  9-3 $150 – Memere
Halftime  22-12 $150 – Mike Nichols
Third Quarter  29-26 $150 – Matt Goodwin
Fourth Quarter  41-33 $200 – Cody Goodwin

The remaining money will go to Dana-Farber as a donation towards my goal of $10,000.

Spreadsheet can be found here.

Contact me with Cash/Venmo/Check to reserve a square. Feel free to request a specific square, or just ask for a random one.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

In addition to the squares for the super bowl, we are running a spin-off of the classic 50-50 raffle using the “Party Prop Bets” from Odds Shark.
Take a stab at these “bets” – each one lands you a point – highest three scoring submissions go home with some cash!
  • Quick Rules:
    • Unlimited Submissions – $20 Each Submissio
    • Correct Answers get you one (1) point
    • Top Three (3) Scoring submissions will win:
      • #1 Top Scorer: 50% of the “pot” from submissions
      • #2 Top Scorer: 20% of the “pot” from submissions
      • #3 Top Scorer: Money back for this submission (not all)

The remaining money will go to Dana-Farber as a donation towards my goal of $10,000.

Spreadsheet to Track your answers: Prop Bet Answer Sheet
The winning submission got 19/25 right, second place had 17/25, and we had a tie in third with 16/25. This event raised an extra $278 dollars while giving back to the donors that have been supporting me along this journey.

Build my Training Playlist

For those of you looking to a little more bang for your buck, I am giving you the chance to build the playlist I will be running to for my entire training calendar. If you would like the chance to add a song, Send me an email with the song title, repeats are allowed (John Mulaney style). Each song request will require a $10.00 donation to the fund.

Sean-Runs-Boston Google Music Playlist

Official training doesn’t start until January, but I will start working out with the playlist now for any early donors.

I am open to other fun fundraising ideas. If you have an idea, I would love to hear it: Send me an email

Turkey Day Squares

I am putting together squares for the three (3) NFL games on Thanksgiving. Each square will cost $20, and will be used for ALL three (3) games, giving you SIX (6) chances at winning! Each winner (half time score and final score) will receive $100 back.

Contact me with Cash/Venmo/Check to reserve a square. I will randomly assign you a square in each game. Lettering can be used for choosing the square, numbers will be drawn Wednesday night.

Game Half Score Half Winner Final Score Final Winner
MN @ DET 20-10 “We got your emails, Podesta” 30-23 Dave Buckley
NYG @ WSH 33 Matt Goodwin 20-10 Chase
SD @ DAL 30 Mac Attack 286 Michelle Goodwin

Bar Event

For those of you interested in fundraising for running Boston, or any other major fundraising activities, I would recommend hosting a bar event. I was able to send out a massive number of requests for donations, and had an event with several Opportunity Drawings (similar to raffle). This brought in a lot of money for Dana-Farber, but just as importantly it gave me a chance to hang out with many of the generous donors that have been contributing all along.

The Training

Feel free to follow along with my training (some read: suffering):

Sean’s Strava Profile

Training Gear:

Training Update

My journey to Boylston street actually started a little over a year ago. I applied to run Boston 2017 for the DFMC, but was not selected. This may have been a mix of my fundraising plans, and a weak running resume. I am now proud to say this resume is much stronger, having finished my first marathon on October 22, 2017 (2017 Marine Corps. Marathon).

I had an awesome time “Beating the Bridge” and “Charging the District” while also being incredibly humbled by the “Wear Blue Mile”. I missed my goal of a sub-4 marathon, but am happy with my first attempt. I now have a line drawn in the sand; and although the Boston course is not nearly as flat, I am looking forward to improving my time.


Even if you cannot donate, please mark your calendars to come out and cheer me on (April 16). See you at the finish line!

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